Java Program to Divide a String in ‘N’ Equal Parts


In this blog, we will learn to write a Java program that divides a string in ‘N’ equal parts when the string is user-defined.

Program Description

Input a string from the user. The task is to divide the string into ‘N’ equal parts and print all the divided strings. The program must check if it is possible to divide the string into ‘N’ equal parts. If not, display an error message and exit the program.

Program Explanation

How It Works

Find the length of the string using the function “length()” (i.e. length = str.length()).

Check whether the string can be divided into ‘N’ equal parts. If the string can’t be divided into ‘N’ equal parts (i.e. length % N != 0), print a message and exit the program.

Else (i.e. length % N == 0), do the following:

  1. Declare a string array of size ‘N’ (say ‘dividedStr’).
  2. Calculate the size of each part by dividing the length of the string by ‘N’ (partSize = length / N);
  3. Loop through the input string. In the loop, extract a substring from the input string with incrementing character ‘i’ as starting index and ‘i + partSize’ as ending index. Assign the extracted substring to the array.
  4. Each time, the loop is incremented with a condition of ‘i += partSize’.
  5. During each loop execution, increment the array index.
  6. Now, the divided string parts are stored in the array which is printed on the screen.
Pseudo Code

Source Code

Here is the complete Java program to divide a given string into ‘N’ equal parts:

Source Code

Test Cases

1.Enter the string: GuviGeek

Enter the value of ‘N’: 2

2 equal parts of the given string are:



2.Enter the string: GuviGeek

Enter the value of ‘N’: 3

GuviGeek cannot be divided into 3 equal parts!

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